Consumer rights were expanded in installment sales agreements and leasing agreements. With the "Regulation on the Amendment of the Regulation on Sales by Installments" published in the Official Gazette dated 18.08.2022, the requirement that the consumer has to bear the return costs of the goods in all circumstances has been removed in case the right of withdrawal is exercised. According to the amendment, the parties may decide in the contract that the seller will cover the return costs.

On the other hand, the seller's right to demand the remaining payment has been tied to more stringent conditions. In the previous regulation, the seller could demand the full performance of the remaining debt in case of default in paying at least two consecutive installments constituting at least one-tenth of the remaining debt, or an installment constituting at least one-fourth of the remaining debt. With the amendment, it was regulated that the price in the contract would be taken as the basis instead of the remaining debt. With this change, consumers are protected in case of default towards the end of the contract.

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