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How Does Divorce Impact Guardianship in Turkey?

The article is only available in Turkish for now.

What Is Divorce Compensation in Turkey, and How Does it Work?

The article is only available in Turkish for now.

Modification of Alimony in Turkey

Due to the fluctuant economic situation and rapidly increasing expenses, the existing alimony amount may not be sufficient in changing conditions. In such cases, alimony recipients can file a petition...

Alimony and its Types in Turkey

The article is only available in Turkish for now.

High Conflict Divorce Under Turkish Law

Divorce cases can be contested or uncontested. In the petition, the parties can base their claims on general or specific divorce reasons, limitedly enumerated in the Turkish Civil Code (TCC), and a di...

Uncontested Divorce in Turkey

When the conditions for an uncontested divorce are fulfilled, and the parties declare their wish to divorce with free will after one year from the date of marriage, the parties can get divorced. The p...

Turkish Divorce Agreement

The swift resolution of an uncontested divorce case relies heavily on a well-prepared agreement. Although it may seem simple, overlooking details may lead to prolonged processes and hardships. Additio...

How to Divorce in Turkey?

In Turkey divorce is one of the most common types of cases encountered. Divorce proceedings are initiated by filing a petition with the court. If the steps to be followed during the lawsuit are not ca...

Woman's Surname (Article 187) in the Turkish Civil Code has been invalidated

The Constitutional Court has decided to invalidate Article 187 of the Turkish Civil Code, titled "Woman's Surname," through the regulation published in the Official Gazette on April 28,...

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